A Social Worker at Your Door?

  1. Never let a case worker into your home unless he or she has a warrant signed by a judge! Go out of the house to talk with them and the close the door behind you. Leave your children in the house, preferably behind a second closed door where they will not be seen through windows. If you allow a case worker into your home, he or she may be looking for any small opening with which to build a case against you.  They have been known to take a picture of a small area of untidiness and build a case around that.  They have been known to interview children and lead them into giving preconceived answers.  They have been known to lie.  Do not think that because you so obviously have nothing to hide it would be safe to let even the nicest case worker into your home.  We live in a dangerous world; you must be very cautious.
  2. Stay calm at all times! If you are shown a paper, it will most likely be the case worker’s form and not a search warrant. A search warrant must be signed by a judge.  Ask to see the search warrant.  Ask also for a copy of the affidavit, which is the paper they filled out to get the judge to issue the warrant.  Neither social workers nor police have a right to come into your home without a warrant.
  1. 3. Excuse yourself for a moment, asking the workers and police to wait outside your door, and immediately call Connie Roska of Utah Families, at 801-546-0821 or 801-529-4938. Connie is experienced in dealing with social workers and is dedicated to helping innocent parents protect themselves.  (Keep Connie’s number, or the number for your local advocate, in a handy place.)
  2. Call your neighbors if you have prearranged to help each other.  Neighbors must learn to work together, to protect each other. Meet together, study the issue, and make a plan.  The child protection industry is a big, ugly business. The problem of false, frivolous, and malicious accusations is part of the moral meltdown of our society; it is not going to go away.
  3. If the caseworker leaves, that doesn’t mean she is through with you by any means.  Get some help from a good attorney or a family advocate.  Do no sign anything your attorney hasn’t seen.
  4. 6. If you have children in a school or daycare, you should be aware that DCFS can interview them there without your knowledge or consent and can take them into custody. (Home is still the safest place to raise children!)
  5. 7. If you take your child to a doctor or hospital, take a witness and a tape or video recorder, especially if there is an injury. Silly as it may seem, you are not overreacting. Doctors are taught to suspect abuse first.

Get prepared; then don’t live in fear but do be ever watchful.  There is a war being waged against the family on many fronts.  You are actually more likely to lose your children to pornography or to the false philosophies taught in the public schools than to DCFS, but all are real dangers.