About Us

Utah Families is a volunteer advocacy organization. Our mission is to help families who have been falsely or frivolously accused of child abuse or neglect. We do not interfere with the good work of DCFS in helping children who are truly abused or neglected.

Utah Families does not normally get involved in custody disputes. We do not help those who use illegal drugs, and we do not help those who have abused a child.

Our mission is to:

Encourage all parents to learn the foundations of America’s freedoms, then examine the laws and procedures of the Utah child protection industry and work toward instituting changes and improvements where needed. This is our duty as citizens.

Train advocates who will help families work through the process of a false or frivolous child abuse complaint and any resulting investigation. We presently have advocates in cities from Logan to St. George.

Make available helpful information about the accusation and investigation process so that families who have been accused or who want to be informed will know what their rights are, what to expect, and how to get help.

Encourage neighborhoods and churches to be helpful to families who are accused or are under investigation and need comfort and support.

Promote study of the outcomes of State involvement in families; e.g. What is the effect on children who are suddenly and forcefully removed from their parents? How do we measure whether a family has been helped or hurt by State involvement?

Promote stronger families as the basic unit of society and the best source of strength in the community.

We will be holding informational meetings in various cities throughout the state over the coming months.