Advocacy Help

Utah Families Assn. advocates help only those people who are frivolously or falsely accused, who are not neglecting or abusing their children, who have committed no crimes, and who are not on drugs.

Advocates help you understand and negotiate the system. They help protect your rights, and they also benefit the case worker by helping the case run more efficiently.

If there is an advocate near you who is able to work with you, she may attend Family Team Meetings with you, help you organize and complete your service plan, help you work with your attorney, etc. She is not a lawyer and can not provide legal help.

You may prefer to take care of your own case or have family members help you. We hope we have sufficient information on this website to support those efforts. We will also be happy to answer questions as needed. Nothing we do is intended to substitute for the help of a good lawyer, nor are all cases won. The system is badly flawed, and bad things often happen to good people — especially to innocent children.

We encourage all citizens to learn as much as possible about Utah’s child protection agencies. You never know when someone close to you will need your help.