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Our hope is to eventually have enough information on this site that family members and neighbors can help each other, that ministers can serve as advocates, that lawyers will have useful resources, and that the Utah State Legislature will understand the problems that exist and will use great wisdom in restructuring the system.

America is a religious country, a nation “under God” as declared in our foundational documents — the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, George Washington’s Farewell Address — and in volumes of writings by the Founding Fathers. If we turn our backs on God, we also cut ourselves of from His help.

Statistically, parents who take religion seriously, who live by the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule and teach their children to do likewise, fare far better under attack by the system. Our bottom line best advice is that every American should belong to a church and every congregation should be prepared to help its members.

If there is some better way to raise children than in families and if there is some better way to support families than through churches, we’ve yet to see it.

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